Stanley Johnson’s Actions Blamed for Flight Cancellation

Passengers on a British Airways flight blamed Stanley Johnson, Boris Johnson’s father, for causing their flight to be cancelled after it became diverted to Heathrow. Johnson’s insistence on disembarking brought about delays and the eventual cancellation, leaving passengers frustrated and inconvenienced.


Passengers have blamed Stanley Johnson, the daddy of Boris Johnson, for the cancellation of a British Airways flight that changed into diverted to Heathrow Airport.

Mr. Johnson turned into on a flight from Malaga to London Gatwick. Due to another British Airways flight having problems at Gatwick, the runway turned into closed, causing 16 flights, along with Mr. Johnson’s, to be diverted to Heathrow.

The plan become for the plane to refuel at Heathrow after which fly to Gatwick once the runway was open. However, some passengers, which include Mr. Johnson, desired to get off the aircraft at Heathrow.

One passenger, Richard Davenport, defined: “We have been imagined to refuel after which fly to Gatwick. But due to the fact Stanley Johnson wanted to get off, we missed our danger to take off again. This precipitated a huge delay, and British Airways in the end cancelled the flight. We all needed to go through immigration after which take a bus to Gatwick.”


Another passenger, Annemarie, stated, “Stanley Johnson and some other passengers were very disappointed and desired to get off the aircraft. The police were referred to as due to the scenario. This caused lots of troubles due to the fact the airline cannot pressure you to live at the plane. Many passengers wanted to go away at Heathrow, which would have made things very complicated. So, the airline decided to cancel the flight. “

A British Airways spokesperson said “Due to earlier problems at Gatwick, the flight was diverted to Heathrow wherein it ended.”


To sum this up, the movements of Stanley Johnson and any other passenger brought about sizable delays and frustration, main to the flight’s cancellation and inconvenience for all passengers concerned.

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