Taylor Swift has been a household name since her self-titled debut album was released in 2006. Since then, she has become one of the most successful and beloved pop stars in the world. While her music has been the focus of her career, her love life has also been a topic of discussion.

One of the most talked about relationships in Taylor Swift’s past was with actor Lucas Till. The two began dating in March of 2009 and their relationship lasted until April of that same year.

Lucas Till is best known for his role as Alex Summers/Havok in the X-Men film series. He has also starred in a number of other films, including Hannah Montana: The Movie, The Spy Next Door, and MacGyver.

The two were first spotted together at the premiere of the film Hannah Montana: The Movie in April of 2009. They were seen holding hands and looking very much in love. However, their relationship was short-lived and the two eventually split up.

The reasons for their breakup remain unknown, but it is speculated that it was due to their busy schedules. Taylor was busy with her music career and Lucas was busy with his acting career.

Despite their brief relationship, Lucas Till and Taylor Swift have remained friends. They have been spotted together on a number of occasions, including the premiere of Taylor’s movie The Giver in 2014.

Lucas Till was Taylor Swift’s first love and their brief relationship will always be remembered. While their romance didn’t last, it is clear that the two still have a strong bond and a mutual respect for one another.

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