On 10 May 2017, a shocking revelation was made that Emily’s stolen eggs were used to impregnate Ali without her knowledge.

The story began when Emily underwent a procedure to have her eggs harvested for future use. After the procedure, her eggs were stolen by Ali’s ex-husband. Ali was unaware of this and was under the impression that she was using donor eggs to become pregnant.

However, this week it was revealed that the donor eggs she received were actually Emily’s stolen eggs. Ali was devastated to learn that her ex-husband had stolen her eggs and used them without her knowledge or consent.

The story has caused outrage among many, with many questioning how this could have happened and why Emily’s eggs were not tracked and monitored. There have been calls for better regulation and monitoring of egg harvesting procedures to ensure that this does not happen again.

Emily is now considering legal action against her ex-husband for the theft of her eggs. She is also considering taking action against the clinic where the procedure was carried out, as they should have been aware of the theft and taken steps to prevent it.

The story of Emily’s stolen eggs has highlighted the need for better regulation and monitoring of egg harvesting procedures. It is hoped that this case will lead to changes in the law to ensure that this kind of theft does not happen again.