Who Kills Professor Snape?

The death of Professor Severus Snape is one of the most shocking and heartbreaking moments in the Harry Potter series. Snape, a former Death Eater, was one of the most beloved characters in the series, and his death at the hands of Voldemort was a tragedy for many fans. But who exactly killed Professor Snape?

The answer is Voldemort. Erroneously believing Snape was the master of the Elder Wand, Voldemort killed Snape by having his pet snake Nagini bite him through the neck. Voldemort had become obsessed with the Elder Wand and believed that killing Snape would make him the master of the Wand.

Voldemort had become increasingly paranoid in the final days of the war, and he was determined to find the Elder Wand and make it his own. He had heard rumors that Snape was the master of the Wand, and he was determined to kill Snape and take the Wand for himself.

Snape had been a loyal servant of Voldemort for many years, and he had done his best to protect Harry Potter from Voldemort’s wrath. However, Snape’s loyalty was not enough to save him from Voldemort’s wrath. Voldemort had become so obsessed with the Elder Wand that he was willing to kill anyone who stood in his way, and Snape was no exception.

Snape’s death was a devastating blow to Harry Potter and his friends. Snape had been a father figure to Harry, and his death was a huge loss for the group. It was also a major setback for Voldemort, as his plan to gain control of the Elder Wand was thwarted.

In the end, it was Voldemort who killed Professor Snape. His obsession with the Elder Wand had led him to make a fatal mistake, and Snape paid the ultimate price for it. Snape’s death was a tragedy for all of those who loved him, and it was a reminder of the power of Voldemort’s obsession.

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