Did you know that the youngest person to publish a book (male) is a Sri Lankan boy named Thanuwana Serasinghe? At the tender age of 4 years and 356 days, Thanuwana released his book Junk Food on 5 January 2017.

Thanuwana was born on 2 January 2012 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He is the son of a renowned Sri Lankan author, Dr. Thusitha Serasinghe. From a very young age, Thanuwana showed an interest in books and writing. He was inspired by his father and began writing stories at the age of three.

Thanuwana’s first book, Junk Food, was released in 2017. The book is about the dangers of eating junk food and how it can affect one’s health. The book was written in simple language and was aimed at children. The book was well-received and was praised for its simple yet effective message.

Since the release of his first book, Thanuwana has gone on to write several other books. His books have been published in both English and Sinhala, and have been well-received by both children and adults alike.

Thanuwana is an inspiration to many young writers. He is a living example of how age should not be a barrier to achieving one’s dreams. His success has also encouraged other young writers to pursue their dreams and to never give up.

At the age of 10, Thanuwana is still writing and publishing books. He is currently working on his next book, which is expected to be released in June 2022. With his determination and passion for writing, there is no doubt that Thanuwana will continue to be a successful author for many years to come.

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