Edward VI was the youngest British king to ever take the throne. He was born in 1537, the son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. At the age of nine, Edward VI became king upon the death of his father in 1547. As he was too young to rule, a Regency was created to oversee the kingdom until he was old enough to do so.

Edward VI was a very intelligent and educated young man. He was fluent in both Greek and Latin, and kept a full journal of his reign. He was also a religious reformer, and sought to make Protestantism the official religion of England. Despite his intellectual prowess, Edward VI was not physically robust. He suffered from ill health throughout his reign, and died at the age of 15 in 1553.

Edward VI was the first monarch of the House of Tudor, and the last male monarch of the dynasty. He was succeeded by his half-sister, Mary I, who was the first female monarch of England. Edward VI’s reign was relatively short, but he was a significant figure in British history. He was the youngest British king to ever take the throne, and his religious reforms laid the groundwork for the Protestant Reformation in England.

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