The creepy kid in Prisoner of Azkaban is a mysterious character played by Ekow Quartey. He is listed in the credits as “Boy 1” and is only seen briefly in the Divination class scene. The character is never mentioned by name in the movie, but the closed captions on the DVD identify him as “Bem”.

Bem is a mysterious character who appears in the Divination class scene of Prisoner of Azkaban. He is described as a “creepy kid” due to his strange behavior and the fact that he is never seen or mentioned again after this scene. He is seen sitting in the back of the classroom, staring intently at Professor Trelawney and making strange comments. He is also seen briefly in the background of the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are discussing the Marauder’s Map.

Bem’s behavior is quite strange and unnerving. He speaks in a low, raspy voice and seems to be almost mesmerized by Professor Trelawney. He also makes strange comments about her predictions, such as “She’s right. He’s coming.” It is unclear who he is referring to or what he is talking about. He also seems to be quite knowledgeable about the subject of Divination, as he is able to accurately predict the death of a student’s pet.

It is unclear who Bem is or why he is in the Divination class. He is never mentioned or seen again after this scene, leaving his identity and purpose a mystery. He is a mysterious and creepy character who adds an element of suspense and intrigue to the movie.

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