Drake has long been vocal about his admiration and love for his mother, Sandi Graham, and now he has a permanent reminder of her on his body. The Canadian rapper recently revealed a new tattoo of his mother’s portrait inked on his back.

The tattoo was done by Toronto-based artist Inal Bersekov, who is known for his hyper-realistic portraits. The tattoo is a black and white portrait of Drake’s mother, with her signature glasses and hair style. The portrait is located on the left side of Drake’s back, near his shoulder blade.

The tattoo is a tribute to Drake’s mother, who he has described as “the most important person in my life.” This isn’t the first time Drake has honored his mother with a tattoo. He also has a tattoo of her face on his arm, which he got in 2018.

Drake has been open about his close relationship with his mother, often posting pictures of them together on social media. He has also credited her for his success, saying, “I’m just a product of my environment and my mother’s teachings.”

The new tattoo is a reminder of the special bond between Drake and his mother. It is a fitting tribute to the woman who has been an important part of his life and his career.

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