Rashmi is an Indian lip-syncing humanoid robot developed by Ranjit Shrivastava, a programmer from Ranchi, India. Rashmi is a one-of-a-kind robot that can lip-sync and interact with humans. It is the first humanoid robot in India to be able to do so.

Rashmi is made up of two parts: a head and a body. The head is made up of a 3D-printed plastic shell, while the body is made up of aluminum and steel. It has two cameras in its eyes and two microphones in its ears. It is powered by an Arduino microcontroller and runs on an Android operating system.

Rashmi is capable of recognizing faces, voices, and objects. It can also understand and respond to simple commands. It can move its head and body in response to voice commands. It can also dance and sing.

Rashmi is designed to be a companion for children and adults alike. It can be used to help teach children about robotics and programming. It can also be used to entertain people and provide companionship.

Rashmi is an impressive example of the potential of robotics in India. It is a testament to the creativity and innovation of Indian engineers and programmers. It is a unique robot that has the potential to revolutionize the way people interact with robots.

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