Johnny Depp is set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the upcoming sixth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Depp last played the popular character five years ago in the fifth and final instalment of the franchise.

Depp’s portrayal of the swashbuckling pirate, Jack Sparrow, has become iconic and catapulted him to superstardom. The character was first introduced in the 2003 film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, and has since become a beloved part of the franchise.

Depp will reprise his role as Jack Sparrow in the upcoming sixth installment of the franchise, which is set to be released on 24th November 2022. The film is currently in pre-production and details about the plot and cast are yet to be revealed.

The sixth installment of the franchise is set to be a major box office hit, as fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting the return of Jack Sparrow. Depp’s performance as the character has been widely praised and he has become synonymous with the role.

Depp is no stranger to playing larger-than-life characters and his portrayal of Jack Sparrow has been a major part of his success. Fans of the franchise are sure to be excited to see him back in the role and the film is sure to be a hit.

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