Amber Heard and Raquel “Rocky” Pennington have been friends since 2003, and their friendship has endured through Heard’s marriage to Johnny Depp. On Wednesday morning, Pennington offered corroborating testimony in court as Heard’s team continued to present its witnesses in the defamation case brought by Depp.

Pennington is a professional mixed martial artist and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight fighter. She and Heard have been friends since they met in 2003, and Pennington has been a vocal supporter of Heard throughout her legal battle with Depp.

Pennington testified in court that she was present in Heard’s apartment on the night of the alleged incident between Heard and Depp in May 2016. She said that she saw Depp throw a phone at Heard, and that Heard was visibly upset and crying. Pennington also said that she heard Depp screaming and swearing at Heard.

Pennington said that she was “shocked” by the incident and that she had never seen Depp behave in such a manner before. She also said that she had seen Depp be “gentle and loving” towards Heard on other occasions.

Pennington’s testimony is the latest in a string of witnesses that have come forward to support Heard’s version of events. Her testimony is seen as a major boost to Heard’s case, as it corroborates Heard’s account of the incident and provides further evidence of Depp’s alleged abusive behavior.

Pennington and Heard’s friendship has been a source of strength for the actor throughout her legal battle with Depp. Pennington has been a vocal supporter of Heard, and her testimony in court is a testament to the strength of their friendship.

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