The mystery of who is Alison’s baby has been a hot topic among fans of the hit show Pretty Little Liars. The answer was finally revealed in the season seven finale, when Emily and Alison welcomed their twin daughters, Lily DiLaurentis-Fields and Grace DiLaurentis-Fields.

Lily DiLaurentis-Fields is the daughter of Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis. She is also the twin sister of Grace DiLaurentis-Fields. Lily was born during the time jump in “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. She was created with Emily’s eggs, Wren’s sperm, and carried to term by Alison.

The conception of Lily and Grace was a difficult process for Emily and Alison. Emily’s eggs were fertilized in vitro with Wren’s sperm, and then implanted in Alison’s uterus. Alison was able to carry the babies to term, and the twins were born healthy and happy.

Lily and Grace have been a blessing to Emily and Alison. They have brought joy and happiness to the couple, and they are a reminder of the love that Emily and Alison share.

The birth of Lily and Grace has also brought closure to the show. After years of mystery and suspense, fans finally know who is Alison’s baby. The answer is Lily and Grace, two beautiful and healthy twins.

The birth of Lily and Grace is a happy ending to a long and complicated story. Emily and Alison have been through a lot, but they have emerged stronger and more in love than ever. Lily and Grace are a symbol of the love that Emily and Alison share, and a reminder of the power of family.

Emily Blunt