Vhatkar Waghmare, a resident of Maharashtra, India, has become a topic of discussion in the region after it was revealed that he has 14 wives. Waghmare, who is in his late 50s, has been married to each of his wives for at least two decades.

The story of Waghmare’s 14 wives began to emerge when his youngest wife, Shobha, filed a complaint against him in the local court. Shobha alleged that Waghmare had not been spending enough time with her and had been neglecting her. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Waghmare had 14 wives, all of whom he had married over the course of two decades.

Waghmare, who is a farmer by profession, has managed to keep his multiple marriages a secret for years. He would spend at least three consecutive days with each of his wives and then tell them that he had to travel to other states to attend official meetings; this way, he managed to spend time with all his 14 wives.

Waghmare’s wives have been left in shock and disbelief after the news of his multiple marriages came to light. They have expressed their anger and disappointment at Waghmare for not being honest with them and for not giving them the respect they deserved.

Waghmare’s case has sparked a debate in the region, with many people questioning how he was able to keep his multiple marriages a secret for so long. While some people have expressed their outrage at Waghmare’s actions, others have praised him for his ability to keep his multiple marriages a secret.

The court is yet to take a decision on Shobha’s complaint and it remains to be seen what action will be taken against Waghmare. In the meantime, Waghmare’s 14 wives are left to ponder the future of their relationships with him.

By Influencer Magazine UK