Drake recently took his new girlfriend, Johanna Leia, on a very special date night. The couple was spotted at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles, and the rapper had pulled out all the stops to make the evening extra special.

Adding to the extravagance was an apparent waiter at a separate table just feet from the pair. Drake, 34, had a custom Dodgers jerseys with the words “the boy” while his date, Johanna Leia, was wearing one with her name on the back.

The couple seemed to be having a great time, laughing and talking over dinner. They were also seen enjoying a few drinks, with Drake sipping on a glass of wine and Johanna Leia enjoying a martini.

Drake and Johanna Leia have been linked since early June, when they were spotted together in Miami. Since then, they have been seen out and about in Los Angeles, enjoying dinner dates and taking in the sights.

The couple’s date night in Los Angeles was the latest in a string of romantic outings. It appears that Drake is smitten with his new lady, and he is not afraid to show it.

It is unclear how long Drake and Johanna Leia have been dating, but it is clear that the two are very much in love. The couple’s romantic date night in Los Angeles is just the latest in a string of sweet moments between the two.

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