The Hindu king who married his own daughter is King Ajatashatru of the Haryanka Dynasty. He was born into the Ikshvaku Dynasty, but married into the Haryanka Dynasty. His father was King Maha-Kosala, and his daughter was Kosala Devi.

Ajatashatru was a follower of Buddhism, and he was known for his bravery and intelligence. He was a powerful ruler and a great warrior. He was also a great patron of the Buddhist faith.

Ajatashatru was known for his ambitious and ruthless nature. He was determined to expand his kingdom and conquer the neighboring kingdoms. He was successful in his military campaigns and was able to conquer many of the neighboring kingdoms.

However, his ambition and ruthlessness also led him to make some controversial decisions. One of these decisions was to marry his own daughter, Kosala Devi. This was seen as a shocking and outrageous act by many people.

The marriage of Ajatashatru and Kosala Devi was not accepted by many people, and it caused a lot of controversy. It was seen as a sign of disrespect to the Hindu religion and was condemned by many people.

Despite the controversy, the marriage was successful and Ajatashatru and Kosala Devi had a son, who later became the ruler of the Haryanka Dynasty.

The marriage of Ajatashatru and Kosala Devi is still seen as a controversial and shocking act. It is a reminder of the power and ambition of a Hindu king, and the consequences of his decisions.

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