Wilt Chamberlain is an NBA Hall of Famer who is known for his incredible basketball career. But he is also known for something else: his legendary number of sexual partners. In his 1991 book A View from Above, Chamberlain claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women over the course of his life.

Chamberlain was born in 1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began playing basketball at an early age and was soon recognized as a prodigy. He was a star player in high school and college, and he was drafted by the NBA in 1959. During his 14-year career, he set numerous records, including the highest single-season scoring average in NBA history.

But Chamberlain was also known for his prodigious sexual appetite. He was famously quoted as saying, “I don’t think I’m abnormal because I like girls. I just like them a lot.” He was known to be a frequent visitor to nightclubs and was often seen with different women.

In his book, Chamberlain wrote candidly about his sexual exploits. He claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women, a figure that has been widely disputed. But whatever the actual number may be, it is clear that Chamberlain was one of the most prolific womanizers in history.

Chamberlain’s sexual appetite has been the subject of much debate. Some have argued that his behavior was a symptom of a larger problem, such as a lack of self-control or an inability to form meaningful relationships. Others have argued that his behavior was simply a reflection of the times in which he lived.

Whatever the case may be, Chamberlain’s sexual exploits have become part of his legacy. His name will forever be associated with the idea of a man who slept with an extraordinary number of women. Whether or not the 20,000 figure is accurate, it is clear that Chamberlain was one of the most promiscuous celebrities of all time.

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