John Krasinski and Emily Blunt first met in 2008 through a mutual friend. The two quickly hit it off and less than a year later, they were engaged. On July 10, 2010, the couple tied the knot in a private ceremony at George Clooney’s estate in Lake Como, Italy.

The couple has been together ever since, and they have two daughters together, Hazel and Violet. They have been very private about their relationship, but they have both spoken fondly of each other in interviews. Krasinski has said that he knew Blunt was the one for him from the moment they met, and Blunt has said that Krasinski is her best friend.

The couple has been through a lot together, including Krasinski’s rise to fame with The Office and Blunt’s successful acting career. They have been able to support each other through it all, and they continue to be a strong and loving couple.

John and Emily have been together for over a decade now, and they show no signs of slowing down. They have been able to make their relationship work despite the challenges that come with fame and busy schedules. They are a testament to the power of true love and commitment.

Emily Blunt

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