Zoroastrianism is one of the world’s oldest surviving religions, with teachings that date back to the late second millennium B.C.E. It is sometimes referred to as the official religion of ancient Persia, and its influence can still be seen in modern religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Zoroastrianism is a monotheistic religion, with a single god known as Ahura Mazda. Ahura Mazda is believed to be the creator of the universe and the source of all truth and goodness. Zoroastrians believe in a dualistic universe, with two equal and opposite forces of good and evil. The purpose of life is to choose the good and reject the evil, and to ultimately achieve salvation.

Zoroastrianism has a strong emphasis on ethical behavior, and its followers are expected to live a life of truth, goodness, and justice. The religion also has a strong emphasis on charity and philanthropy, and its followers are expected to help those in need.

Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion that has had a lasting impact on the world. Its teachings have been passed down through generations, and its influence can still be seen in modern religions. Its emphasis on ethical behavior and charity is an example to all, and its teachings of truth, goodness, and justice continue to inspire people today.

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