Amber Heard’s testimony in the ongoing legal battle between herself and her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, was full of explosive revelations. During her testimony, Heard recalled a moment when she was sitting on the couch with Depp and asked a question about his famous arm tattoo, “Wino Forever.” What came next, Heard alleged, was a violent interaction that the actress “will never forget.” “He slapped me across the face and I laughed,” she said.

The incident, which Heard said happened in 2013, was one of the highlights of her testimony. She also described a number of other incidents of physical and verbal abuse that she said she suffered at the hands of Depp. Heard said that Depp would often become violent and throw objects at her, including a phone which hit her in the face. She also described an incident in which Depp allegedly grabbed her by the hair and dragged her across the floor.

Heard also testified that Depp was often under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and that his behavior would become increasingly erratic and violent when he was intoxicated. She said that she was often scared of Depp and that she felt she had to “walk on eggshells” around him.

Heard’s testimony was a shocking and heartbreaking account of the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Depp. It was a powerful reminder of the devastating effects of domestic violence and the courage it takes to speak out about it. Her testimony was one of the highlights of the trial and will no doubt have a lasting impact on the case.

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