Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been in the public eye for years, but their relationship has been the subject of much speculation since they first met in 2002. The two stars, who are now engaged, have a significant age difference between them.

Affleck, 49, and Lopez, 52, first met while filming the 2003 movie “Gigli.” Despite the movie’s critical failure, the two stars developed a strong connection and began dating shortly after. In November 2002, the couple announced their engagement, but split in early 2004.

The age difference between Affleck and Lopez is three years. While this may not seem like a large gap, it is significant when considering the two stars’ respective ages. Affleck is 49, while Lopez is 52. This means that when they first met, Affleck was 36 and Lopez was 39.

Despite the age difference, the two stars have remained close friends over the years. In 2019, they rekindled their romance and announced their engagement in March 2020. The couple is set to tie the knot on June 25, 2022.

The age difference between Affleck and Lopez has been a source of speculation for years. However, the two stars have proven that age is just a number and that true love can stand the test of time.

By Influencer Magazine UK