Harry Potter’s Last Spell

In the final battle of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter used his signature spell with defiance. This spell was Expelliarmus, a spell that disarms an opponent and sends their weapon flying away. This spell was first used by Harry in the first book, and it has been used throughout the series.

In the final battle, Harry was more experienced than ever before. He had faced many challenges and had learned a lot about the magical world. He was more confident in his abilities and knew what he was doing. He was also more knowledgeable about the Elder Wand, which he used in the final battle.

Harry had made some assumptions about the Elder Wand and how it worked. He believed that the wand would be powerful enough to defeat Voldemort, and he was willing to take the risk. He shouted “Expelliarmus!” and the wand worked as he had hoped. The spell sent Voldemort’s wand flying away and disarmed him.

This spell was a fitting end to the series. It showed Harry’s courage and determination to defeat Voldemort. It also showed that Harry had grown as a wizard and was able to use the power of the Elder Wand to his advantage.

Harry’s last spell was a symbol of his courage and strength. It was a reminder that even in the face of great danger, Harry was able to use his knowledge and skills to defeat Voldemort. It was a fitting end to the series and a reminder of the power of friendship and courage.



J. K. Rowling

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