What is Snape’s Problem?

Severus Snape is a complex character in the Harry Potter series, and his problem is one that many fans have pondered over. At first glance, it appears that Snape’s problem is his unrequited love for Lily Potter, and his subsequent bitterness towards Harry, who he sees as a reminder of what he has lost. However, a closer look reveals that Snape’s problem is much deeper than this.

Snape’s problem is that he never shows remorse. Despite his many mistakes and wrongdoings, Snape never takes responsibility for his actions. He never apologizes or expresses regret for the pain he has caused. He never recognizes the consequences of his choices, and he never takes steps to make amends.

This lack of remorse is particularly evident in Snape’s relationship with Harry. Despite his hatred for Harry, Snape never acknowledges the fact that his actions have caused Harry pain. He never apologizes for his cruel words and deeds, and he never expresses any regret for the way he has treated Harry.

This lack of remorse is a major problem for Snape, as it prevents him from moving forward and finding peace. Recognizing that you did bad things and made mistakes is a crucial part of atonement, but at no point does Snape actually say sorry or come to see the error of his ways. He’s seemingly motivated purely by his own selfish obsession with Lily, without regard to justice or peace.

Ultimately, Snape’s problem is that he never shows remorse. This lack of remorse prevents him from finding peace and making amends, and it is something that he must come to terms with if he is ever to find redemption.

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