A lady-in-waiting is an attendant who serves as an assistant to a queen or princess. This position has been around since the Middle Ages and is still in use today. The lady-in-waiting is responsible for attending to the queen or princess, providing her with companionship and advice, and helping her with her daily tasks.

The duties of a lady-in-waiting vary depending on the queen or princess she is serving. Generally, she is expected to be present at court functions, accompany the queen or princess on official engagements, and assist her with her wardrobe and other personal needs. She may also be asked to carry out tasks such as writing letters, organizing events, and running errands.

Queen Elizabeth of York, the wife of King Henry VII, had an astounding 36 ladies-in-waiting. The third wife of England’s King Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, served as lady-in-waiting to his first two wives before becoming Queen herself.

Today, the position of lady-in-waiting is still in use in many royal households. The lady-in-waiting is often a trusted friend or family member of the queen or princess and is expected to maintain the highest standards of decorum and etiquette.

In addition to providing companionship and advice, the lady-in-waiting also serves as a confidante and adviser to the queen or princess. She is expected to be discreet and loyal, and to provide the queen or princess with honest and unbiased opinions.

The position of lady-in-waiting is a great honor and is highly sought after. It is a demanding job, but it is also a great opportunity to serve one’s country and be close to the royal family.

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