On August 31, 1997, the world was shocked by the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales. The beloved royal had been involved in a fatal car accident in Paris, and the cause of her death was determined to be multiple injuries. According to United Press International, Diana had suffered a concussion, a broken arm, and a cut to her thigh. However, her most lethal injuries were severe chest wounds.

The Independent reported that Diana had suffered a tear to her left pulmonary vein, which caused internal bleeding. This internal bleeding was the cause of her death, and it was determined that the chest wounds were caused by the impact of the crash. The other injuries, while serious, were not life-threatening.

The accident itself was caused by the driver of the car, Henri Paul, who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time. He was also driving at an excessive speed, which caused the car to crash into a pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel. The other passengers in the car, Diana’s companion Dodi Fayed and the bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, were also injured in the crash. However, they both survived.

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, was a tragedy that shocked the world. Her injuries, including the severe chest wounds, were ultimately the cause of her death. The driver of the car, Henri Paul, was responsible for the accident, and his negligence led to the death of a beloved royal.

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