In February 2020, Kim Kardashian West announced that she was expecting her fourth child with husband Kanye West. After years of trying to conceive, Kardashian West was overjoyed to be pregnant. However, her joy was short-lived as she soon found out that she was suffering from pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta.

Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine. It can be dangerous for both the mother and the baby if left untreated. Placenta accreta is a condition in which the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterine wall, which can cause severe bleeding during delivery.

Kardashian West described her experience with both conditions as “a little worse” the second time. She was placed on bed rest and monitored closely throughout her pregnancy. She also had to take medication to control her blood pressure and was warned that she may need to deliver her baby early.

Fortunately, Kardashian West was able to carry her baby to full term. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy in May 2020. However, due to the complications of her pregnancy, she had to undergo a cesarean section.

Kardashian West’s experience with pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta is not uncommon. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pre-eclampsia affects up to 8 percent of pregnancies in the United States. Placenta accreta is also a relatively common complication, occurring in 1 in 2,500 pregnancies.

Kardashian West’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of monitoring your health during pregnancy. It is essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms of pre-eclampsia and placenta accreta and to seek medical attention if you experience any of them. With proper care and monitoring, these conditions can be managed and the mother and baby can have a healthy outcome.

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