Amber Heard’s lawyer had an unexpected moment in court during Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit against the actress. During the hearing, one of Heard’s attorneys objected to his own line of questioning, which prompted Depp to chuckle in court.

The objection came during the questioning of Depp’s former assistant Stephen Deuters, who was asked about an email he sent to Heard in 2015. The email mentioned Depp’s alleged “violent behavior” towards Heard. Deuters was asked if he was aware of any incidents of violence that occurred between Depp and Heard.

At this point, Heard’s lawyer objected to the line of questioning, saying that it was “irrelevant” and “immaterial” to the case. The judge agreed with the objection and the line of questioning was dropped.

Depp’s lawyer then asked Deuters about a text message he sent to Heard in 2016, which referred to Depp’s alleged “violent behavior” towards her. Deuters said he was not aware of any incidents of violence between Depp and Heard.

The moment prompted Depp to chuckle in court, which was quickly silenced by the judge.

The case is ongoing and it remains to be seen what impact the objection will have on the outcome. However, it is clear that Heard’s lawyer was not expecting the line of questioning to be objected to and it certainly made for an interesting moment in court.

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