Amber Heard, the ex-wife of actor Johnny Depp, recently testified in court about a knife that was allegedly used to threaten her during their marriage. The knife, which is inscribed with the words “hasta la muerte” – meaning “until death” in Spanish – was a topic of discussion during the trial.

Ms Heard responded that she didn’t believe he would stab her with a knife. “I wasn’t afraid of him stabbing me,” she told the court. She also said that she was aware of the inscription on the knife, but that she didn’t think it was a threat.

The knife was allegedly used by Depp to threaten Heard during their marriage. In her testimony, Heard said that Depp had used the knife to threaten her on multiple occasions. She also said that he had threatened to kill her with the knife.

The knife was found in Depp’s home after the couple’s divorce. The inscription on the knife has been seen as a symbol of the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

The court case is ongoing and the knife has become a key piece of evidence in the trial. It is unclear what the outcome of the trial will be, but the knife has certainly become a symbol of the couple’s troubled relationship.

No matter the outcome of the trial, the knife has become a reminder of the violence and fear that Heard experienced during her marriage to Depp. It is a reminder of the power of words and the importance of speaking out against domestic violence.

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