Amber Heard is an American actress who has been in the spotlight for her acting career and her tumultuous relationship with actor Johnny Depp. While her career has been successful, her personal life has been filled with pain and heartache. In particular, her relationship with her father, David Heard, has been strained for years.

David Heard was an abusive father who subjected Amber to physical and emotional abuse throughout her childhood. He was known to be verbally and physically abusive, often using his fists to punish Amber. He was also emotionally abusive, belittling her and making her feel worthless.

Amber has spoken out about her father’s abuse, saying that he was the source of much of her pain and suffering. She has said that he would often threaten her with violence, and that he would call her names and insult her. He also reportedly tried to control her life, telling her what to do and how to act.

Amber has also spoken about the lasting effects of her father’s abuse. She has said that she still struggles with trust issues and has difficulty forming relationships. She has also said that she suffers from depression and anxiety, which she believes is a result of her father’s abuse.

Amber’s father has never apologized for his actions, and he has never taken responsibility for the pain he caused her. Despite this, Amber has been able to move on and find success in her career. She is an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic violence, and she is an inspiration to many.

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