Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood icon, known for her beauty, talent, and multiple marriages. With eight weddings and seven husbands to her name, Taylor was one of the most married celebrities in history.

Taylor’s first marriage was to Conrad Hilton Jr. in 1950. The couple divorced in 1951, and Taylor went on to marry Michael Wilding in 1952. The two were married for five years before divorcing in 1957. Taylor’s third marriage was to producer Mike Todd in 1957. The couple had one daughter together, but Todd tragically died in a plane crash in 1958.

Taylor’s fourth marriage was to singer Eddie Fisher in 1959. The couple had two children together, but the marriage ended in 1964 when Fisher left Taylor for her friend, actress Debbie Reynolds. Taylor’s fifth marriage was to actor Richard Burton, whom she had met while filming Cleopatra in 1963. The couple married in 1964 and divorced in 1974, only to remarry in 1975 and divorce again in 1976.

Taylor’s sixth marriage was to politician John Warner in 1976. The couple divorced in 1982. Taylor’s seventh and final marriage was to construction worker Larry Fortensky in 1991. The couple met at the Betty Ford Clinic and married at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The marriage lasted five years before they divorced in 1996.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most famous and most married celebrities in history. With eight weddings and seven husbands, Taylor’s love life was often in the spotlight. Despite the ups and downs, Taylor’s marriages were a testament to her resilience and her ability to find love in the face of adversity.

By Influencer Magazine UK