How Does JLo Make Her Skin Glow?

Jennifer Lopez is known for her stunning beauty and glowing skin. But how does she maintain her youthful complexion?

Lopez says that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for her skin. She also makes sure to wear sunscreen every day. She massages her brand’s SPF-infused moisturizer into her skin, followed by lip balm and JLo Beauty eye cream.

“The truth is if you start young, it will make a huge difference,” Lopez says.

Lopez also follows a healthy diet to keep her skin looking its best. She eats plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins. She also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

In addition to her skincare routine, Lopez also relies on regular facials to keep her skin looking its best. She gets a facial every few weeks to help keep her skin looking fresh and glowing.

Finally, Lopez also makes sure to get plenty of exercise. She loves to dance and works out regularly to keep her body in shape. Exercise helps to increase circulation, which can help keep skin looking youthful and glowing.

Overall, Lopez’s skincare routine is simple yet effective. She makes sure to get plenty of sleep, wear sunscreen daily, eat a healthy diet, get regular facials, and exercise regularly. By following these tips, Lopez is able to maintain her glowing complexion.

By Influencer Magazine UK