WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has taken steps to prevent users from taking screenshots of their messages. Earlier this year, the company introduced the View Once feature, which allowed users to send images and videos that would disappear after being viewed once. Now, WhatsApp is releasing a new version of View Once images and videos in order to prevent people from taking a screenshot.

The new version of View Once will block users from taking a screenshot of the image or video. If a user attempts to take a screenshot, they will be blocked from viewing the message. Additionally, users will be blocked from screen recording these messages.

The new version of View Once will also include a timer, which will show how much time the user has left to view the message. Once the timer runs out, the message will disappear. This feature is designed to give users more control over who can view their messages and for how long.

WhatsApp has also implemented a feature that will alert users if someone takes a screenshot of their messages. This feature will be enabled by default, and users can turn it off if they choose.

Overall, WhatsApp is taking steps to ensure that users have more control over their messages and who can view them. With the new version of View Once, users can be sure that their messages won’t be seen by anyone other than the intended recipient. This feature will also help protect users from having their messages shared without their permission.

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