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Evangeline Cain, The mastermind behind the captivating literary works “Unfold Your Petals” and “As She Walled,” this author’s influence stretches beyond pages and into the digital realm, with features in the New York Times and across 579 social media platforms, collectively reaching a staggering 22 million. Leveraging the power of social channels, she passionately spreads her message and pursues her calling, embodying a self-made woman who has carved her path by touching the lives of others. Graduating from the Adler Coaching Academy in 2018, she embarked on her journey as a relationship coach, giving birth to Queen’s Mansion Academy, where her gift for connecting and empowering women shines. Amidst her multifaceted journey, she took time as a model before fate led her to a different pace, and in a conversation with Vange, she revealed that her own struggles with communication and understanding in relationships inspired her to provide a space where women could learn to build and nurture strong connections, which eventually led her to the remarkable path she walks today.

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