Speaking With Model, Author, and Relationship Coach Vange Cain

The author of Unfold Your Petals and As She Walled highlighted in the New York Times and 579 social media outlets reaching 22 million, she uses social channels platforms to spread her word and pursue her passion. A self-made woman who made a name for herself by extending her heart to others.

She began her journey as a relationship coach in 2018 when she graduated from Adler coaching academy. That was when she birthed her company, Queen’s Mansion Academy.  Although she is a woman of many traits, one of her key strengths is her ability to connect and cure other women. Which has allowed her to serve many women and gain a considerable following.

Besides her incredible capacity to restore others, she has been busy as a model until forced her to slow down.

We got a chance to get in touch with Vange and ask her a few questions about her journey, and here’s what she said…

What inspired you to start your career as a relationship coach?

Her response: When I was a young woman in my twenties, my most difficult challenge was communication in my relationship. I spend years portraying to be ok when inside I felt bothered. I would go to my mother and ask for advice. Her answer was often, leave or stop complaining.

As I looked at my two kids and an imperfect man, I felt like leaving wasn’t the answer for me, so as I approached my late thirties, I took my knowledge and the fundamentals I learned in school and built Queen’s Mansion Academy. I taught women how to receive real results in their relationships without the struggles I went through. What I needed back then was solid advice that gives results. I lacked the understanding of how to express myself. As a result, I showed up as an anger woman who created a distant man.  The academy exists to provide an open, inviting space that encourages relationship-building for a woman.

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For more information, visit the website at www.queensmansionacademy.com

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