Does Queen Elizabeth Like Diana?

The relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana has been the subject of much speculation over the years. Although the two women had a close relationship at the beginning, their relationship became strained as time went on.

According to author Ingrid Seward in her book The Queen & Di, Queen Elizabeth was initially sympathetic to Diana. The Queen was reportedly very understanding of Diana’s struggles with the Royal Family and her struggles with the media. She was also said to have been impressed with Diana’s charitable work and her commitment to her children.

However, as time went on, Queen Elizabeth began to feel that Diana was simply too much to handle. Diana’s highly emotional nature was said to have been difficult for the stoic monarch to deal with. Diana’s struggles with the media and her difficulties with the Royal Family were also said to have caused tension between the two women.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say whether Queen Elizabeth truly liked Diana or not. It is clear that the two women had a complicated relationship, and that Queen Elizabeth had a difficult time dealing with Diana’s emotional nature. However, it is also clear that Queen Elizabeth was sympathetic to Diana and respected her charitable work and commitment to her children.

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