Emily Blunt, the star of Mary Poppins Returns, recently revealed that she once had a stuttering speech impediment until she was 14 years old. Blunt made the revelation during her hosting stint at the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS)’s 2022 Freeing Voices Changing Lives Gala on July 11.

Blunt spoke candidly about her own experience with stuttering, and how it affected her life growing up. She said that she was “incredibly shy” and that her stutter made it difficult for her to communicate with her peers. She also said that her stutter was so severe that she was “unable to speak” at times.

Blunt credited her parents for helping her to overcome her stutter. She said that her parents encouraged her to take speech therapy classes and to practice speaking in front of a mirror. She also said that her parents were incredibly supportive and understanding of her struggles.

Blunt said that her experience with stuttering has made her more compassionate and understanding of others who are struggling with speech impediments. She also said that she hopes her story will inspire others to seek help and to not be ashamed of their speech impediments.

Blunt’s story is an inspiring one, and her experience with stuttering is a reminder that speech impediments can be overcome with the right support and resources. Her story is a testament to the power of determination and perseverance, and serves as an inspiration to those who are struggling with speech impediments.