Amber Heard has been turning heads with her latest look. The American actress recently stepped out wearing a glamorous Queen of Atlantis gown and shower cap, but it was her Farsi tattoo that caught the attention of many.

Heard’s Farsi tattoo is located on her lower left back and is accompanied by a Spanish tattoo. The Farsi tattoo is written in the language of the Iranian people and translates to “I will always love you”. The Spanish tattoo reads “Amor eterno”, which translates to “eternal love”.

The combination of the two tattoos has sparked debate on social media, with some people praising Heard’s body art and others calling it “ridiculous”. Some have even questioned the authenticity of the tattoos, as Heard is not of Iranian or Spanish descent.

Regardless of the opinion, it’s clear that Heard is not afraid to show off her body art. The actress has been seen wearing a variety of outfits that show off her tattoos, including a sheer top that revealed her Farsi tattoo.

Heard’s tattoos have certainly sparked a conversation, and it’s clear that the actress is proud of her body art. Whether you think it’s hot or ridiculous, Heard’s Farsi tattoo is definitely a conversation starter.

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