Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, no longer receive money from Harry’s royal relatives. The couple announced in early 2020 that they would be stepping down as working members of the royal family, and as a result, they no longer receive money from the royal family.

The couple had previously received money from the Sovereign Grant, which is an annual allowance given to the royal family to cover their official duties. However, with their decision to step down, they are no longer eligible for this money.

Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they are not financially dependent on the royal family and that they are looking to become financially independent. They have already taken steps to do this, such as signing a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix and launching their own non-profit organization, Archewell.

The couple has also made it clear that they will not be relying on the money they make from their new projects to support their lifestyle. Instead, they have stated that they will be donating a significant portion of their earnings to charity.

It is clear that Harry and Meghan are looking to become financially independent and that they are not relying on the money from the royal family to support their lifestyle. While they may not be receiving money from the royal family, they are certainly taking steps to ensure their financial security.

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