In 1547, Sir Thomas Seymour, the brother of King Henry VIII, began a scandalous affair with the young Princess Elizabeth Tudor. The two had known each other since Elizabeth was a child, as Thomas had been a close friend of the family. However, their relationship changed drastically when Thomas married the widowed Queen Catherine Parr in 1547.

The affair between Thomas and Elizabeth began shortly after the marriage. Thomas began to shower Elizabeth with gifts and attention, which Elizabeth eagerly accepted. He also began to make frequent visits to her apartments and the two would often be seen together in the gardens. It was during this time that Thomas and Elizabeth began to develop a romantic relationship.

The affair between Thomas and Elizabeth soon became a scandal. Rumors began to circulate that Thomas was attempting to seduce the young princess and that the two were having an affair. The rumors were further fueled by the fact that Elizabeth was becoming increasingly pregnant.

The scandal was so great that Thomas was eventually arrested and put on trial for treason. During the trial, it was revealed that Thomas had indeed been sleeping with Elizabeth and that she was pregnant with his child. The scandal caused a great deal of embarrassment for the royal family and Elizabeth was forced to leave court and take refuge in the countryside.

Although the scandal was eventually forgotten, it still remains a mystery as to whether or not Thomas and Elizabeth actually had sexual relations. It is likely that the two were deeply in love and that their relationship was more than just platonic. However, without any concrete evidence, it is impossible to know for sure.

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