Did Charles and Diana Ever Fall in Love?

The relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was one of the most closely watched unions in history. Despite the intense public scrutiny, the two were able to keep their private lives relatively private. But one of the most enduring questions has been whether the two ever truly fell in love.

According to Princess Diana, the answer is yes. In her biography, she said that the two gradually fell in love over time. “It wasn’t really dramatic. One blink and it would have gone,” she said.

The two first met in 1977 when Diana was just 16 and Charles was 28. They began dating soon after and became engaged in 1981. The couple married in 1981 and had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Despite the fact that the two were married for 20 years, there were moments of real affection between them. In an interview with BBC, Diana said that Charles was the “only man in her life” and that she “adored him”.

However, the relationship was not without its difficulties. The two had a tumultuous marriage and eventually separated in 1992. They officially divorced in 1996.

Despite the difficulties, it appears that Charles and Diana did have moments of real love and affection. While the two were never able to make their marriage work, it is clear that they did have feelings for each other at one point.

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