In recent years, it has become increasingly common for royals from around the world to get tattoos. The trend has been seen in Britain, Sweden, and other countries, with royals proudly displaying their body art.

Britain’s Princess Eugenie recently made headlines when she showed off a tiny circle tattoo behind her ear at a royal event in June. The tattoo is believed to be a tribute to her mother, Sarah Ferguson, who has a similar tattoo.

Meanwhile, Princess Sofia of Sweden made waves when she revealed her back tattoo of a sun symbol on her wedding day. The tattoo is believed to be a tribute to her late father, who passed away when she was just a child.

The trend of royals getting tattoos has been met with mixed reactions. Some people think it is inappropriate for royals to have tattoos, while others argue that it is a sign of modernity and a way for royals to express themselves.

In general, there is no strict rule that says royals cannot have tattoos. However, there are some guidelines that royals must follow. For example, tattoos must be small and discreet, and they should not be visible in public.

Overall, it is becoming more common for royals to get tattoos. While there are some guidelines that must be followed, it is ultimately up to the individual royal to decide if they want to get a tattoo or not.

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