Joseph D


Joesph is an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania but a passionate writer first. He loves writing about Influencers and entrepreneurs who deserve fame and got interesting past and stories the world should know!



Kim D’souza


Kim D’souza is passionate about fashion, arts, and artists. She loves writing about Hollywood artists, latest fashion and lifestyle trends.



Pierre Jason


Pierre is an award-winning author. He has published over 50 books on amazon and he is widely known for business and start-up storytelling.



Prayag Nahata


Prayag is an Indian author and storyteller. He writes about Indian startups and business news. Share market and Indian entrepreneurs are the best topics he love to write about.



Alexa Nizzari


Alexa is an absolute cryptocurrency fan. She loves to write about cryptocurrency and the share market. She is an expert at investment and trading and she shares this valuable knowledge with us.



Milford Sandby


Milford’s hobby is reading and at this post – moderating content by reading it, isn’t this a perfect job match for her? When passion match with your job title we get an excellent workmate like her.