Sarah Ferguson’s Heartfelt Tribute to Princess Diana Touches Prince William and Prince Harry on Her 63rd Birthday

Sarah Ferguson has deeply moved Prince William and Prince Harry with her heartfelt tribute on the occasion of Princess Diana’s 63rd birthday. Taking to Instagram, Sarah shared a poignant moment by posting a previously unreleased photograph of herself alongside Diana, accompanied by touching words: “Happy birthday to my dear friend, Diana. You were a pillar of light and love, and your legacy continues to inspire.”

GuitarStrummer56, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In her tribute, Sarah reminisced about the bond they shared, saying, “I will forever cherish our laughter and the kindred spirit I found in you. I am certain you are watching over us always. Rest in peace, my friend.”

The response from fans and friends was overwhelming, with many expressing their admiration for Diana and gratitude to Sarah for sharing such a personal memory. One comment reflected the sentiments of many: “I believe she found solace and support in your friendship. Happy birthday, Diana,” accompanied by a heartfelt emoticon.

While Prince William and Harry did not publicly post messages on their mother’s birthday this year, Sarah’s tribute clearly touched their hearts. Although they have spoken separately about Diana in the past, it has been some time since they addressed her together in a public forum. However, their joint effort in 2021 to unveil Diana’s statue on what would have been her 60th birthday stands as a testament to their enduring love and respect for their late mother.

Sarah Ferguson’s gesture not only honors Diana’s memory but also underscores the enduring bond between the royal family members, highlighting the lasting impact Diana had on those who knew her best.


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