Rishi Sunak’s Early Morning Push: Can the PM’s Robot Campaign Help to Swing It?

On the last days preceding the election, the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak began his campaign with a visit to the retail distribution center at three in the morning; this beginning marked a busy day of campaign lobbying as he seeks to bring the poll distance between him and the contenders to its minimal possible.

A Dawn Patrol in Luton

On Tuesday at 5 a. m. Sunak visited an Ocado distribution center situated in Luton, a town north of London, to see the robotics in operation. These robots cleaned items for dispatch, demonstrating the sophistication of the one of Britain’s most successful businesses. Putting on a reflective vest the Prime Minister moved around a warehouse picking salad items indicating that he is not afraid of being around workers.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak talks to the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi by phone from his office in Downing Street on March
UK Prime Minister, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Connecting with Workers

After Sunak’s visit to the warehouse, the two join the staff in taking tea, signifying the British courteous behaviour. His next location was somewhat unexpected – motorway service station, which means that he ordered breakfast in a McDonalds for journalists, which gave his campaign more of a personal appeal. This was followed by Sunak moving to a large supermarket to interact with more of the workers and the general public.

Facing Tough Questions

Although he is visibly tired and in a very busy schedule, Sunak is adamantly dedicated with his campaign. In the interview conducted on BBC morning television, he castigated anyone who can say that he stands no chances of emerging the winner in the election. Sunak Said that he will be out till the last moment of this campaign because of the belief that it is a really important choice for the country.

Campaign Challenges and Strategies

Picking the date for an early election, Sunak is now under the magnifying glass with many constituents asking what is wrong with the country at the moment. Throughout the campaign process, Sunak has been asked many difficult questions by the citizens and the media but he did not sway from his goal.

The Conservative Party which has been in power since 2010 has been trailing Keir Starmer’s Labour Party by roughly 20 points fora year now. As a result, Sunak has taken his campaign a notch higher, and has of late been painting tactics as to what a Labour government would be like.

Contrasting Campaign Styles

Thus, Sunak’s tactics of direct interaction and straightforward campaigning stand in contrast to the strategies of his competitors. Floored by Levenson’s scorched earth communications assault, Ed Davey, the centrist leader of the Liberal Democrats opted for guerrilla tactics – falling into a lake, doing a water slide, and bungee jumping.

However, competitor Labour party leader, Sir Keir Starmer has chosen a conventional approach of interacting with the masses directly and they hold events at such places as football pitches, supermarkets, and doctors’ surgeries. Starmer’s campaign continues to have its doctrine and has a main campaign message that people would like to listen to.

Britain’s Vital Decision

The active campaign that Sunak has been conducting proves the significance this moment has for the country to him. In this election, Conservatives are in the disadvantageous position with Labour Party proving to be the winner; the future of Britain is at stake in this election.

Nevertheless, Sunak stays on the move despite the existing difficulties and everything that has been said and done, aspiring to get the British citizens’ vote until the final notification.

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