Pat Cummins Advocates for Dedicated Test Cricket Windows

Pat Cummins has called for dedicated windows for Test cricket, allowing players to participate in franchise leagues without compromising their involvement in the traditional format.

At the MCC World Cricket Connects 2024 event at Lord’s, Cummins highlighted the financial appeal of franchise cricket compared to international cricket for players from some countries. He pointed out that players involved in these leagues can manage their schedules more efficiently than those playing international cricket.

SirWellsy99, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“Franchise cricket for some countries is more lucrative and appealing than international cricket,” Cummins told the Sydney Morning Herald. “If I played franchise cricket, I could probably be away for half or a third of the time compared to playing for Australia.”

Cummins emphasized the importance of having specific time slots for Test cricket, similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL) schedule. He noted that in Australia, Test cricket is played between November and January, ensuring no other cricket interferes during this period.

“In Australia, you know Test cricket is from November to January, and basically, no other cricket gets in the way. If we can have specific windows for the IPL and Test cricket, it makes decision-making for players much easier,” he said.

Earlier, England’s white-ball captain Jos Buttler also supported the idea of avoiding clashes between IPL and international fixtures. “In my opinion, there shouldn’t be any international cricket that clashes with the IPL. These games have been on the calendar for a long time,” Buttler told Sky Sports.

At the same event, former Australia captain Meg Lanning, who retired due to mental health struggles, discussed the challenges top players face in balancing international and domestic commitments. “You can’t play everything these days, both internationally and domestically, as a top player,” Lanning said. “It’s too much, and while it might seem fine initially, it’s inevitable that you’ll get burnt out.”

Cummins’ call for specific Test cricket windows aims to provide a more balanced and manageable schedule for players, ensuring the longevity and quality of the game.


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