England Players Rally Behind Captain Harry Kane Amid Criticism

England’s squad is standing firmly behind Harry Kane, their captain, who has faced scrutiny for his recent performances at Euro 2024.

Number 10, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kane has netted two goals in the journey to the semi-finals, but his overall form has been questioned. Despite his record, some have called for Gareth Southgate to bench him for the upcoming match against the Netherlands. However, his teammates argue that Kane’s presence is crucial.

Trent Alexander-Arnold emphasized the psychological edge Kane gives to opponents when absent. He highlighted how even his Liverpool teammate, Virgil van Dijk, would likely prefer not to face Kane. “Anyone facing England would rather Kane not play. He’s a constant threat. In and around the box, he’s lethal. I consider him the best finisher I’ve played with,” said Alexander-Arnold.

This sentiment is echoed throughout the squad, as reflected in Luke Shaw’s comments during their training session in Blankenhain. Shaw pointed out that Kane’s presence on the field boosts team morale. “We all feel more positive with him on the pitch. He’s our leading goalscorer and captain. His ability to change the game is invaluable,” Shaw stated.

Shaw, who has recently returned from a five-month hamstring injury, added to England’s depth by providing balance on the left side. His return seemed uncertain after a training setback, but a minor injury allowed him to rejoin the squad later in the tournament.

Reflecting on his own challenges, Shaw mentioned how his recovery was a significant personal hurdle. “After everything I had been through, I feared being ruled out. Thankfully, the injury was minor, and I managed to return.”

The memory of England’s narrow defeat in the Euro 2020 final still motivates Shaw. “That result was hard to swallow. It drives me to do better this time,” he said, focusing on the upcoming decisive days in Germany.

As England prepares to travel to Dortmund, they face no new injury or suspension concerns. Southgate’s main decision revolves around the centre-back position, where Ezri Konsa performed well in Marc Guéhi’s absence against Switzerland. Guéhi is eager to reclaim his spot against a formidable Netherlands team.

With the team rallying behind him, Kane remains a pivotal figure as England aims for glory in Euro 2024.


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