Comedian Rob Delaney Hopes to Return to Home Where Son Lived and Died

In a touching interview, comedian Rob Delaney shared a heartfelt desire to reconnect with a place that holds immense significance for him – the former London home where his son Henry spent his short life. Henry, tragically, succumbed to brain cancer at the tender age of two in 2018.

Delaney revealed his wish to purchase the house, driven by a deep longing to spend his final moments in the same living room where he said goodbye to his son. The room carries an additional layer of poignancy, as it also witnessed the birth of Delaney’s fourth son later that same year.

Greg2600, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, Delaney recounted, “We don’t live there anymore, but when we moved out, I made a request to the landlord. I told them, ‘If you ever decide to sell, please let me know first. I’d love to buy it back.’ My dream is to be 81 and crawl back into that room, the same one where Henry passed away and my other son entered the world.”

The interview offered a glimpse into the profound impact Henry’s illness and passing had on Delaney. Despite the immense pain, he recounted Henry’s final months with a touch of solace.

“He did have a peaceful passing,” Delaney shared. “We knew for four and a half months that he wouldn’t make it. During that time, his brothers showered him with love. They were all incredibly close.”

He continued, describing the remarkable strength displayed by his older sons: “I witnessed a four-year-old and a six-year-old holding their brother after he was gone. They took incredible care of him, learning complex things to ensure his comfort during that difficult time.”

Delaney’s voice reflected the enduring pain of loss when he spoke about missing the simple moments of caring for his son. He also acknowledged the constant presence of Henry in their lives, “The thought of them [his sons] growing up without him is unbearable. But they talk about him all the time, with love and smiles. They cherish his pictures, and he remains a vital part of our family.”

The interview shed light on another reason why Delaney feels such a strong connection to London. “There are many reasons why we haven’t left London,” he explained. “One of them is the need to visit the playground slide Henry loved playing on. I also find comfort in occasionally bumping into the nurses who provided him with such exceptional care. London holds a special place in my heart, and it’s the city that took such good care of my son.”


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