Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F – Eddie Murphy’s Attempt to Recapture Past Glory

Eddie Murphy, renowned for his breakout role as Detroit cop Axel Foley in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, returns to the screen in the fourth installment of the series. Despite his recent successful portrayal of Rudy Ray Moore in Dolemite Is My Name, Murphy’s latest effort feels somewhat stale and predictable. The iconic Axel F theme music, which became synonymous with the 80s, is revived, but the film struggles to inject new life into the familiar formula.

In this new adventure, Axel Foley heads back to Beverly Hills, leaving behind his Detroit roots. His grown-up lawyer daughter, Jane (Taylour Paige), is threatened by a network of corrupt cops, possibly led by the stern Captain Grant (Kevin Bacon). Along the way, Axel reunites with his old Beverly Hills Police Department friends, Billy (Judge Reinhold) and John (John Ashton), who have a casual approach to retirement and continue to serve on the force.

David Shankbone, PDM-owner, via Wikimedia Commons

Murphy’s comedic antics are on full display with a series of zany chases involving a snowplow, a traffic control vehicle, a golf cart, and even a helicopter. The film includes classic scenes where Axel uses his quick wit and smooth-talking skills to bypass various security measures, a nod to his stand-up comedy days when he often mimicked “white people” voices. However, this installment feels a bit worn, as Murphy’s comedic energy isn’t quite what it used to be.

While Murphy’s talent is undeniable, the film leans heavily on nostalgia and the audience’s loyalty to the character. With the right script, Murphy could still shine in both comedic and dramatic roles. Unfortunately, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F seems more like a trip down memory lane than a fresh and exciting new chapter.


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