Andy Murray on Teaming Up with Emma Raducanu for Wimbledon Doubles

Andy Murray has shared the story behind his partnership with Emma Raducanu for the mixed doubles at Wimbledon, revealing it all started with a late-night message.

Murray, who recently withdrew from the singles competition, is set to play men’s doubles with his brother Jamie. However, it’s his upcoming mixed doubles matches with Raducanu that’s grabbing attention. Murray approached Raducanu with the idea, saying, “Playing with her will be brilliant.”

The two-time Wimbledon champion shared that he first discussed the possibility with his team before reaching out to Raducanu. “I wanted to be competitive and playing with another Brit seemed like a great idea. Emma is one of the top British players, so she was naturally my first choice,” said Murray.

Carine06 from UK, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the late hour, Raducanu responded quickly and enthusiastically. “I texted her last night around nine, hoping she wasn’t already in bed. She replied almost immediately with, ‘Yeah, let’s do this!’” recounted Murray.

Reflecting on his previous mixed doubles experiences, including a memorable partnership with Serena Williams, Murray is excited about the opportunity. “It should be fun. Emma is incredibly competitive and thrives in big stadiums with lively crowds. I think she’ll handle it really well,” he said.

Their first match together promises to be a highlight, especially with the excitement surrounding a potential Super Saturday in sports.


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