Aer Lingus Cancels More Flights Due to Ongoing Pilot Dispute

Aer Lingus has cancelled 76 extra flights from July 8-10 due to a pilot dispute, affecting nearly 500 flights in total. Pilots need a 24% pay upward push, but the airline offers 12.25% with situations. The Irish Labour Court will endorse a solution. Customers can change flights or get refunds.


Aer Lingus has cancelled 76 extra flights among July 8 and July 10 because of an ongoing argument with their pilots. So, some distance, this dispute has induced almost 500 flight cancellations and disappointed the travel plans of tens of thousands of passengers.

The pilots want a 24% pay raise because they haven’t had an increase because 2019, and that they say their pay hasn’t kept up with inflation. However, Aer Lingus says they’ll handiest comply with a increase above 12.25% if the pilots accept changes to their working situations.

The Irish Labor Court, which facilitates clear up place of business arguments, is expected to provide a formal advice on the way to solve this dispute. This court is just like the closing inn for fixing those types of problems, which means it steps in handiest in spite of everything different options had been attempted. The court docket listens to both sides in a private assembly and then gives its opinion on what should be carried out to repair the issue.

 More Flights Cancelled

In a statement on Wednesday, Aer Lingus announced that they are cancelling an extra seventy-six flights among July eight and July 10. The airline says they are doing this to shield as many other flights as feasible from the continued pilot strike. They plan to inform affected clients about those cancellations and have details to be had on their website.


Indefinite Work-to-Rule Protest

The pilots, represented by the Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association (IALPA), are on an indefinite work-to-rule protest that began on June 26. This manner they are now not working beyond regular time or doing any greater responsibilities. Hundreds of pilots also went on an 8-hour strike on Saturday, affecting 17,000 passengers that day.

After talks with the Labor Court failed ultimate week, the pilots threatened to increase their industrial movement. However, the court requested them now not to enhance, and the pilots are thinking about this request for the duration of the modern-day negotiations.


 Impact on Passengers

For customers stricken by the brand-new flight cancellations, Aer Lingus is presenting the option to change their flights without spending a dime. They can also get money back or a voucher. These options can be communicated without delay to the impacted customers. Aer Lingus is aware the stress this example is causing and desires to provide as many alternatives as possible to those affected.

The situation stays anxious as each aspect look forward to the Labor Court’s advice to with a bit of luck remedy the dispute.


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