Doctor Who Boss Hints at Sian Clifford’s Role in Season Finale

Image: BBC/Disney+

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has provided an intriguing clue about Fleabag star Sian Clifford’s role in the upcoming season 14 finale. The BAFTA TV Award-winning actor will play a character named Kind Woman in the season-closer titled ‘Empire of Death,’ set to stream on BBC iPlayer at midnight on Saturday.

Clifford’s role was kept under wraps until last week, and little is known about her character beyond her name. In an appearance on The Official Doctor Who Podcast, Davies dropped a tantalizing hint about how Kind Woman will fit into the narrative involving The Doctor and Ruby’s battle against Sutekh the Destroyer and Susan Triad.

“All of these people are brilliant and Mel’s still there, everyone’s fighting and winning and losing, but far away on a distant planet, a kind woman is waiting with something absolutely vital,” Davies teased.

This mysterious character adds more intrigue, especially given the unresolved questions about Ruby Sunday’s origins ahead of ‘Empire of Death’. Despite The Doctor and UNIT’s efforts to use a Time Window to trace Ruby’s mother back to Christmas Eve 2004, they could not see the face of the hooded woman who left newborn Ruby on a church doorstep.

Since their trip back to 2004, the heroes have been preoccupied with the sudden return of Sutekh, the self-proclaimed “god of all gods,” who is plotting to destroy The Doctor. Fans are eagerly anticipating answers in ‘Empire of Death’, including the true identity of Ruby’s neighbor Mrs. Flood, played by Anita Dobson. Mrs. Flood’s familiarity with the TARDIS and her accurate prediction about Sutekh being ‘The One Who Waits’ have sparked much speculation about her true nature.

New episodes of Doctor Who premiere at midnight on Saturday, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ internationally. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available for streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK.


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